A one-man development studio focused in the simple idea of create fun and great games for everyone, from childs to adults, and help to other studios in their developments.

"Every second is a good time to create something"

MADRID GAMES WEEK 2015 (1st - 4th October)

The community says:

" Smart take on the Threes formula ! "

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" Awesome game experience.. "

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" You can not stop to play with it ! "

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" Is better than Temple Run !! "

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More than 16 years of experience in the videogames industry, working in big titles and companies always with the goal of create the best product.

With the knowledge and experience in the most fields of the videogames creation (design, 2D and 3D art, animation and programming), Massivefun3D is always imagining and designing new ideas to convert it in future games for your entertainment !.


MassiveFun3D develops and publish its own videogames in the world-wide mobile markets.


MassiveFun3D also offers services to other companies:

- Creation of mobile & computer games from scratch.

- Creation of 3D Models and Animations.

- Creative Direction for your project.

- Art Direction for your project.

- Game Design Direction for your project.

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